rand(): Invalid range

  • George Washington

    Hi Manuel n all,

    i try to start ARSC on Windows.
    The installation seems no problem.
    After the login windows the following warnings appear:

    Warning: rand(): Invalid range: 0..9999999 in C:\apache\htdocs\arsc\login.php on line 61

    Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\apache\htdocs\arsc\login.php:61) in C:\apache\htdocs\arsc\login.php on line 73

    Du you have a idea?

    Thanks, George

    • Manuel Kiessling

      yes, i have an idea: Windows cannot produce random numbers of such a big range - Unix systems are usually better in doing so.

      I suggest these steps:
      Open the file login.php
      Go to line 61
      Replace 9999999 with 99999
      Try again

    • George Washington

      Hi Manuel,

      yeah, I've tried it with 999999 already yesterday and thought it makes no sense. lol
      Today I've tried 99999 but unfortunately it doesn't work.
      Only 9999 gives no warning or error, and I proceed to the chat window. :)

      But there is another problem :() :
      When I enter the chat and do nothing, it seems a 'magic hand' allways push the 'send' button and I see hundrets of chat lines with nothing in it (hard to describe in English! :)).
      CPU Usage also went to 100%.

      I've also tried it with the sockets. But there is again another failure. ops :)

      I'm sure, you know, what I make wrong.

      Thanks for your help :)


      • Manuel Kiessling


        somebody else already listed this behaviour in the bug tracker - i can not yet say what exactly the problem is, but it is not your fault :)
        All i can say is that it is a Windows-only bug.

        I hope i can fix this with version 1.0.2, but i cannot promise this.

        Nevertheless, the other versions should work (but they are not so comfortable...)

        A first workaround would be to buy a Linux distribution (always a good idea) :)

        Sorry i can not give you a better answer yet.

    • George Washington


      no problem. :)

      I think also it's better to use Linux.

      Thanks, George


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