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Versin 1.3 (Neural net available)

Several Effisciency fixes
1. UpdateWindow: a window will update iif a parent window update is not already in the queue of messages
2. UpdateWindow: Any child window that has a WM_PAINT message in the queue will have its flag reste to not dirty and will only refresh when thenparent will draw
3. This is not a fix but a removal of a functionality that was not working as I exepected it to be.
The background of a window will not be saved automatically when the window will draw for the first time.
Therefore hiding an object will send a message WM_PAINT to the parent.... read more

Posted by Hannosset Christophe 2004-08-19

Need more ...???

Should you need more..
examples - docs - controls or anything else I can do... Please do not hesitate to mail me.... I shall be glad to help if I can.

Posted by Hannosset Christophe 2004-07-16

Documentation for ars 4 sdlnft

The documentation with Doxygen is available under the label 1.2.2 the sources will follow soon...

Posted by Hannosset Christophe 2004-06-26

version 1.2.1

Big bug in the image mask processing corrected.
In order to use a mask use the color (0xff,0x00,0xff).
This is why the .1 is appended.

Posted by Hannosset Christophe 2004-06-15

Empty project to start its own

I have noticed it is better to start a project when the necessary files are available...
This is what I believe a lack in the libs... So I shall start the empty project under VC7 - VC6 and also with a makefile for Linux
The help of this small project will also provide with my own current environment.

NB as the STL provided by MS under VC6 is fully uncompliant and unusable I recommend the use of STLPort (very nice indeed).
Under Linux STL port is also the one I shall recommend.

Posted by Hannosset Christophe 2004-06-01

Did you know...

Hi Dis you knwo that this lib is actually been used in a game development I made Cfr also I have a small app as demo for this lib (kind of a photo viewer) That will be soon installed on this site.
Do not displair... Doc should (?) be available one day soon.. I am working on it but I also have a lot of other things.

Posted by Hannosset Christophe 2004-05-29

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