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#3 a buch a ideas for your great project


Hi you two,

really great project. It instantly worked for me. Before I found it thought I
had to write something like that my self. I'm very glad I don't have to now
I can spend my time on my Freeware (iVisualize) ;-)

Here a bunch of suggestions pick what you like, it's just what I picture you
program can be at version 1.0 or 2.0:
+ the current settings could always have a name in the presets. Then you
could reduce the presets to two buttons:
- adding a new presed ("+")
- removing one ("-")
- loading is simply done when a different preset ist selected.
+ zero click run: it would be great if I could set a default preset that is
loaded and if I could let that one run with a single short cut no questions
asked and programs exists. The OPTIMAL solution would be if there was a
folder of files that represent the presets: A double clicks just runs that
+ finally my 2.0 wish if arRsync could automatically set up a rsync server
(daemon) so that if you e.g. have home mac, taht automatically starts the
server at start up and I can just double click the preset ... (rsync can do
that but I don't like th doku either ;-)

So thank you again!


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  • Zetetic Apparatchik

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    1. I think this isn't a bad idea with the current setup but unfortunately we feel
    that isn't totally compatible with the direction we're taking with the next
    release. Presets/Syncs are being reworked.

    2. Maybe you'll be able to do this with AppleScript. If we support it in the next
    release. Which would be nice. But not certain.

    3. We feel that rsync via SSH/Remote Login is the easiest way to achieve this.
    SSH support will _definitely _ be in the next release.

    Thanks for your interest and suggestion.


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