Harry Brignull - 2010-03-21


I recently used using the default settings of arRsync to copy some files from one external HDD (FAT32) to another HDD (Mac OS Extended (Journaled)).

I tried it with a small sample of files and it worked fine - so I then ran it with a large number of files. These files have now been lost. I'm wondering if you could advise what steps I could take to recover the data, or explain what you think has happened.

On the source disc, the source folders still exist, but instead of the original filenames, I can only see a list of random file names which are shown as zero KB aliases. On the destination disc, some of the folders exist but none of the files.

The GUI reported the operation as having completed successfully. The error log showed some errors, but all minor things.

I'd really appreciate any advice you could give me.

many thanks