Unidirectional backup vs unidirectional merge

  • skimmas

    skimmas - 2010-12-22

    What exactly is the diference between them? My guess is that whille using Unidireccional backup, if a file is deleted on the source it will also be deleted on the destination whille merge makes no deletes on the destination.  (same as using -delete on rsync)

    Am I right?

  • DJRumpy

    DJRumpy - 2014-03-09

    Did you ever get an answer to this? It's odd that it's so far along but with no documentation yet to speak of.

  • Andrew Purcell

    Andrew Purcell - 2015-02-21

    It's second time I've setup arRsync and I can never remember logic reliably so I'll paste this here for next time. Snipped from the project code:

    if(mode==1) //BACKUP
        [rsyncArguments addObject:@"--delete"];
    //mode 2 == MERGE
    if(mode == 0 || mode == 2) //need only to update
        [rsyncArguments addObject:@"-u"];

    Hope it helps as it will allow users to look at the rsync doco for further info..

  • Wilmer Lau

    Wilmer Lau - 2016-06-14

    rsync - faster, flexible replacement for rcp

    Here is a short summary of the options available in rsync. Please refer
    to the detailed description below for a complete description.

        -u, --update                skip files that are newer on the receiver
            --delete                delete extraneous files from dest dirs

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