Velociped - 2011-08-16

there's an issue with the "unidirectional merge"-mode.

I noticed that every time I run arRsync it copies loads of unchanged files and even worse, it changes the timestamp of all these files to the current program-run! So every day I run the backup, it takes ages an I end up with 1000+ files, "created" at this very moment!
This issue seems to affect mostly Photoshop-Files, PSD and JPG. JPG's directly from the camera are not affected!
I use PS Elmements 6.0 and Mac OS 10.5.8

Not every file is copied every time but it seems to get worse over time! Recently I started again with a blank disk, but it happens again.
For testing, set the date to the following day between two runs. Otherwise you might miss the effect.

Any ideas?