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Martin Cerny

Arrow and ellipses visualisation

Martin Cerny (

This tool is based on open source library shapelib ( and QT4 framework (

This tool creates shapefile files for visualization of arrows and ellipses based on parameters from input text file and projection file. This software does not depend on ArcGIS or any other kind of SW. Resulting files are valid SHP files which can be than visualized in tools such as ArcMap or QuantumGIS.

Files are created in the directory with source data. Names of the files are created automatically (xxx_points.shp, xxx_ellipses.shp, xxx_arrows.shp where xxx stands for name of the source file). Existing files with the same name can be overwritten with no possibility of their recovery. If you want to keep the older results you have to move it or rename.

Projection files are plain text files with specification of the projection of the data. Those files are not standard part of this tool but are comon part of instalation of many GIS software. Some of them could be downloaded from the internet, for example here:

Input file must be CSV file with strictly specified structure including header. Values must be separated just by "," sign with no spaces or tabs. Decimal values must be declared using decimal point.

Corect setting for WGS-84 is: Base azimut -90, Clockwise orientation


Example of the file: