#2 i18n trouble


I'm translating Archimedes into Spanish language, but
there is a little problem with the strings that have
more than the default option, for example:

Iteration2=Enter the first point of the mirror axis [Undo]

in i18n/factory/MirrorMessages.properties

The option [Undo] have a AccelKey 'U', but in spanish,
the string would be:

Iteration2=Precise el primer punto del eje de simetría

"Deshacer" haven't "U" :/

Maybe a string in the file that appoint the AccelKey
could be a solution, I don't know.

Thanks for this great CAD application, and hope to look
more improvements (print print print... hehe ;-P)


  • Hugo Corbucci

    Hugo Corbucci - 2006-10-27

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    My tip is:
    Look in other languages. :) We had this problem too.
    The behaviour we implemented is:
    Iteration2=Precise el primer punto del eje de simetría
    [deshacer (U)]

    That is, if the word don't have the letter, write it all in
    lower case and put between parenthisis in upper case the letter.
    The problem of accelKey is that if people get an american
    version, they have to use one shortcut, on a brazilian
    version, another shortcut. We believe this is not friendly
    so we prefered to keep the accelKey fixed.
    By the way, don't know how you're translating but we suggest
    you use attesoro (http://attesoro.org/) which handles
    greatly i18n and allows you to quickly take a look in
    translations in other languages (like portuguese could help
    you :) )

    Just a tip, this kind of comments are better place in
    Support Request (therefore I'm moving it) unless your
    request is to internationalize the shortcut keys (if so I
    answered that already). :)
    Anyway, thanks a lot for the translation and, please, post a
    feature request explaining what you mean by "print, print,
    print...) :)

  • Hugo Corbucci

    Hugo Corbucci - 2006-10-27
    • priority: 5 --> 3
    • status: open --> closed

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