First release in a long time

After such a long time, the new Archimedes release has been launched. I've jumped a lot of release numbers because this is a major migration so keeping the old number state was a bit unreal.
From now on, everything will continue to work just like before expect we are starting the development of version 0.51.0.
Apart from that:
We decided to release this version because there is a new team working on the project and it has been developed for a college course so they need quick and short iterations to work on, just like at the beginning (and as I would like it to be all the time).

So, what you should expect from this release?
Very few features but all available ones should be almost perfect.
Maybe I should tell you what will you miss:
- Infinite line
- Open & Save
- Export
- Selection by intersection (from right to left)
- Snap on intersection points
- Layer
- Rectangle
- Trim
- Extend
- Zoom by command (only works with mouse wheel)
- Pan
- Dimension
- Text
- Fillet
- Layon/off
- Leader
- Scale
- Stretch

What is new:
- Mouse coordinates on the status bar
- An (empty) help system
- An update system (still nothing available to be download but things will be added during this release)
- Full interoperability among windows, linux and macosx.
- An executable interface (.exe in windows, .app in mac, executable in linux)
- A fail safe system (crashing is almost impossible)

Tomorrow I will gather our road map for this iteration and post about it so that everyone knows what we are focusing on at the moment. You can obviously guess that most of our work will be implementing all that list of features you will miss in this version.

If you are willing to help, please contact me. We have a lot of work for translators, documenters (this involves learning a lot how to create plugins and extensions to Archimedes which is a good idea for people willing to add their own features) and help writers (help systems DO involve some Java programming and a lot of code learning which may be a good start for people willing to collaborate with code in the core). And of course, if you wish to donate anything (Thanks a lot Marco for the books about interface. We will do our best to improve this), we are VERY happy every once in a while when people send us something. :)

Posted by Hugo Corbucci 2007-04-27

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