Although I created the mailing list before the 0.11.0 unstable this is the first notification I send.
Since version 0.11.0 was really unstable due to major refactorations we've been doing, I prefered to hold the mail until this stable version.
This new version brings some nice features in the exporting area.
Here is the change log of this version (comparing to the 0.10.x one):
New features:
* Possibility to print the drawing directly to a printer (in windows)
* Ability to export the drawing in image formats (bmp and jpg) and PDF.
* It is now possible to change element's layers by selecting them and changing the current layer.
* Text element created to insert texts into the drawing.
* The interpreter now prints infos warning it is waiting for another command.
* Leader element created (allows to visualy link elements in the drawing).
* Implemented a zoom tool in the status bar (spinner with infos about the zoom).
* Implemented an about box containing infos about the project.

* Corrected a bug in pan command related to lateral mouse buttons
* Corrected the bug that locked the combo box for current layer in windows
* Corrected the behavior of certain commands relative to layers

* Improvements in the lock/visibility attributes of a layer.
* Improved the layer editor window.
* Improved the exporting/saving functions.
* Improved the command creation process.

By our last release meeting we expect to reach a usable level in 2 or 3 releases which means that by the end of the year, Archimedes should be ready to use in small projects or in educational environment.
From now on, those messages should be sent about every week announcing also the unstable release.
Therefore, see you next week guys.

Hugo Corbucci