Hi, Mario!

Sorry it took us a while to answer. We had a busy weekend =)

Thanks a lot for the german translation, we'll definately include it in the next release.
And yes, it would be cool if you could translate the user manual. I must say, though, it isn't always up to date with the program. So if you see anything that's different, tell us about it so we may correct it in the other versions too =)

And about programming, that would be nice. Do you know Java?
Let's keep in touch about this.

Have a nice translation =D


On 11/4/06, Mario Fichtenmayer <mayoefi@dampf-fabrik.de> wrote:
hi all,

i did a quick translation of the property-files in german.

If you can use them, grap the zip-file with them here:

If you want, i could translate as next the user-manual, but this will
need at least a week of time.

I'm very interested in helping this project, not only with translation,
also with programming.
When i've finished the manual-translation i let you know.

have a nice time
Mario Fichtenmayer

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