A new Archimedes unstable version has been released yesterday.

Here's what changed:

* Explode command (explode, x) explodes polylines into lines.

* Trim for closed elements is now working correctly.

* Now, when Archimedes crashes it saves a file with information about it in a temporary folder (the same used for auto-save files, that can be configured under Edit->Edit workspace properties... menu option. The saved crash info files follows the name pattern "ArchimedesError[date].log". This can be very useful when reporting problems to us.

* Creating arc by its center has improved a bit. After typing 'c', the first parameter expected is the center point (and not initial and ending as before). This makes more logical sense. Also, when the three points have been determined, its possible to determine the side of the arc with 'enter' (or any equivalent). Before only left-click worked.

* Snap icons have become thicker, and so more visible.

* We've improved arc stretch to be more "predictable". The stretch maintains the arc middle point if it's done on some extreme. Also, it's possible to stretch just the middle point. The center point still moves the arc.

* Offset ends with 'enter'. Before it ended only with esc.

* 'd' is a shortcut for the distance command, and not erase.

* Image exporting (jpg, bmp) uses the element's screen color.

That's all for this release.
Hope you enjoy!
Mariana Bravo