Hi, Ned!

Thanks a lot for the support!
We'll be waiting for your feedback after your testing =)

As for version 1.0, well... Yes, this is "Uni" work, but we don't have any deadlines related to software version or functionalities (not with the university anyway).

I can tell you, though, that the idea for version 1.0 is that it may be acceptable for use in teaching courses for architecture. That's the goal we've set, together with the architects that work with us.
They think we're pretty close =) What do you think? Is there anything that's definately missing, considering this goal?
For the next release, the big step will be dimensions. The basics yet: linear, orthogonal. We'll also have splines, we'll complete trim to work with closed elements, and filleting with arc greater than 0.

As for the translation, there isn't much mistery. You dowonload the Attesoro software at http://attesoro.org/ and we send you our translation files. Then you just have to open each file in Attesoro, add a new language and start translating.
I'll see about sending you the translation files, and a bit more detailed explanation later =)

So long!

On 10/25/06, ned haughton <naught101@gmail.com> wrote:
hey team.
just like to say bloody good job. Archimedes is starting to look really
good. I should get around to some more testing soon (bit busy this week).

one thing I'd like to know - what's the plan for version 1.0? I know
this is a project to do with Uni, so do you have to have a 1.0 version
out by a certain time? do you know what it's going to look like?

also, I may be able to start a german translation some time in the next
couple of weeks. let me know how to go about it.


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