Hi, everybody.

There was a brazilian holiday last thursday, and that did not help us get things done. So this release doesn't bring a lot of things.
However we did program a workspace persistence feature, whcich is really cool.

Here's a list of everything that changed:

* Workspace state is persisted across program runs. Every drawing open the last time you worked will be reopen once you run Archimedes again.

* Auto save: open drawing are automatically saved from time to time, and also in case of program crash. See the Workspace Preferences dialog (Edit menu) for options on time interval for the auto save, and other things.

* The number of selected elements is informed on the interpreter box whenever a selection happens. Just so you how many elements you're just about to erase...

* Normalization of ESC/Enter behaviour. They both now end comands, and don't undo them. See line and polyline creation commands for an example of this.

* Rectangle and arc creation ignore the status of the orto button. (When the orto was on, it was impossible to make a proper rectangle).

* Work has progressed on extend and text edition, though both are yet unavailable.

* Copying and pasting between drawings is now referred to as copying and pasting from and to the clipboard.

Enjoy, if you'd like, these little changes.
Next week is a stable release!
Mariana Bravo

msn: marivb@gmail.com