Hello, people.

We have a double release this weekend.

First, stable version 0.14.1 with updated and revised user manuals. This version also corrects two bugs in the previous 0.14.0 (cancelling infinite line and editing the visible/locked layer properties). So we recommend updating =)

And secondly, the unstable 0.15.0. The changes made during this week are:

* It's possible to use space when creating texts. In previous versions, space was used as enter, and texts could only be single words.

* Circle has new snapping points, at angles 0, 90, 180 and 270 of the circumference.

* The interpreter constantly informs the current command.

* When copying elements from one drawing to another, the layers are also copied. As a consequence, two layers can't have the same name. It works like this: if a layer with the same name exists in the drawing the elements are being pasted, it is put in that layer. Otherwise, the layer is copied.

* The perpendicular snap point has been changed.

* First bug correction: refresh of the drawing when changes are made.

* Second bug correction: fillet with closed polylines no longer erases the polyline.

Also, for interested developers, in this version we've refactored the IputController (former Interpreter) to use the State pattern. It isn't done yet, but transitions have become a little more clear.

I hope everyone enjoys te updates!
Mariana Bravo