Hello again everyone,
Very sorry to have to announce that but: I just released a new set of files containing some changes about the last stable version.
The critical users concerned are Linux users. For some mysterious reason, the opengl package for linux was not built last time which made both the zip and the installer give you guys a version of Archimedes without any OpenGL system. The result is quite simple, if you try to create a drawing, it just shows nothing and tells you no drawing was open. Please update to this version if you had this problem.
Another thing is that shortcuts generated by the installer were wrong in 0.50.0 and I fixed that.
Windows users might also want to update because I added a bug fix regarding the zoom with mouse wheel that was not centering. Now all should work perfectly on all systems.
At last, Mac users might also want to update because the installer was not setting the executable flag to the software on mac with made a douple click on the App folder be useless. I fixed that too on those new installers.
I am very sorry to have all those problems and I promise I will do my best to make better tests next time.

Hugo "NighT" Corbucci
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