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2007/2/11, Cristian Balan <cristian@fbarhitecti.ro>:
1.I subscribed to translator and user list.

Great! :)

2.Is there (i can't find it) a page about the planned development of archimedes,
the main proposed feature, the file sistem, GUI etc.?

Well... to be honest: No. There is no info about our plans for the future but that's mainly because we don't know what the future will be like. :) At the present moment we are rebuilding the features that already existed and reorganizing them so that things get more modular. Those are our plans for the next month or so.
From march to july we should have a more stable and regular group programming which should enable us to have some kind of page concentrating all those infos.
Anyway, you are very welcome to ask anything you like here or in the users list or even in the sourceforge foruns if you prefer. We will be glad to answer (if we know the answer).

3.I installed Archimedes and crashed two times allready :) when trying to trim something and then when trying to fillet. Should I send the error log somewhere?

Hmmm. You can send it over here or directly to my email but don't expect a quick fix since all our patches will be saved to the new architecture (our focus for the moment).

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