Hello everyone,
I'm here to update you guys a little bit. First of all: We are NOT dead! :)

We gave ourselves a couple weeks vacations on December which were enlarged by our lack of time. We should be restarting to work this week and I'll try to release an unstable version this weekend.

It should, however, take us a few more weeks to release anything stable. We are passing through a major change in our platform.
We are migrating from SWT platform (where we handled all the windows and events and class loading) to an RCP platform (that handles all this to provide extensibility via plugins). This is taking quite some time because it requires that we reorganize and move about 50% of Archimedes.
This platform is the one used by Eclipse, Azureus and a couple of other great softwares that work under Java.

The advantage we will get from this migration is to provide an API to develop powerful plug-ins for Archimedes. We expect this to accelerate Archimedes' development since people can just develop any plug-in they like and make it available here or somewhere else.

I hope we manage to finish the transition in about 2 weeks but after that we will have need a couple more weeks to implement that last features for this release and finally release a stable version. We hope after this next stable ( 0.18.x) we will have at most 2 more stable versions until the 1.0 version. This means that at most in 3 months we have a first version that can be "decently" used.

Now, concerning the major downside of Archimedes so far:
We believe we won't have much time to implement DXF and DWG support so we are looking for someone willing to do this. If no one does, we will probably only manage to have something around May.

Another issue I heard is that AutoCAD's interface is not the best one possible. We don't have any idea of a better interface but I would really like if someone tried to develop another interface using the perspective idea (an RCP feature) and I'm ready to help anyone doing so.

That's about all I can update you so far.

Hugo "NighT" Corbucci
BCC 2003 - IME - USP
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