Hi Mario

First of all, i'm part of the Archimedes Development Team, altough i'm the newest member. I started Deutsch class six months ago, so i'm especially interested on a German translation.

I was viewing the sourceforge Archimedes page and noticed that your last message was not answered, at least not in the mailing list. If you didn't recieved any feedback at all, I apologize for this. Your help is really important to us

About your problems, I don't have knowledge of TeX too, so I'm not the most indicated to help you in this point. But about the property-files, our svn character enconding is ISO-8859-1, this may help. I'm not in my computer right now, so I can't read the your translations files, but I'll test it soon as possible, so I can offer a better support

If Mary already contacted you by a other way this message is quite useless. If you want to, you can send any question to me. I'll remenber the people here about the list too

My apologies for my late reply again

Fabio Firmo