• Shindai

    Shindai - 2007-09-30

    HI Guy,

    I'm very happy to see that there is finally a good base of serious cad (free) for linux and other OS. I try to use Archimedes and I know  that this software stay in develop phase. When I try it I can see that the scrolling support for pan doesn't exist... This isn't not good because when a person work a fast pan is very important for a good job. Another thing that I not found is the button and the menu for open or save the file. And the other toolbar for work? Dimension, hatch, break line etc. ?

    Good bye to all

    • Hugo Corbucci

      Hugo Corbucci - 2007-09-30

      Hi Shindai,

      There is no such feature as scrolling for pan. I'm not sure how you would like this to work.
      Could you explain how the feature should be activated and what it does?

      Open and save are almost ready but I'm deadly busy lately and haven't got time to build a new version with it.

      Dimension, hatch, break line and other feature are not implemented yet. Archimedes is still far from being an operational CAD yet and unless some people (other than me) start investing some time and/or money, it will take some time until we can provide every feature needed to work with Archimedes professionally.


    • Shindai

      Shindai - 2007-10-01

      Good Morning Friend,

      Dear Hugo thank you for your explication. I'm so interesting to this cad because i believe in it. But I have a question for you and the develop team. How many time you need for have a version that can work well at least with the 2d? Excuse me for my impatience but the project is very big!!!! Finally the Penguin have a serious cad write in java!!!


      I have some friend that not succeed in a porting from windows to linux because they haven't a valid cad.

      Thank you Guy and good job

      • Hugo Corbucci

        Hugo Corbucci - 2007-10-01

        Hello Shindai,

        If I was programming as much as last year, the whole migration could be done by march 2008. But at the moment I don't have all that time and I don't even have a team to work with. I might get some more volunteers for the first semester of 2008 which would mean that I could complete the migration by july 2008. From the migration to the usable cad version, I would say some 3 to 6 months programming could take us to a 0.9 version almost ready to be used depending on how many people would work with me and how much time I would have to code.

        So if everything goes well, you might hope to have Archimedes almost 1.0 by december 2008. This could obviously change if I managed to get a team working on the project half time or full time. But until some organization or company decides to finance this project, it won't happen.



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