• Shindai

    Shindai - 2007-10-06

    Hi People,

    I do a premise to all. I'm don't know individually the person of the develop team and I haven't an interestign to profit with Archimedes cad. Though I think is the moment to support it with a donation. Who is interesting in this enterprise please reply to this message. We can according to what is the modality to pay the team and the price each every person.

    Good bay guy

    P.S. : Archimedes cad have the potentiality to begining the future of the cad in linux Os. I belive in it!!!

    • Hugo Corbucci

      Hugo Corbucci - 2007-10-08

      Hi Shindai,

      I am very pleased you started this fine campaign to help us out. You can talk directly to me about any matter related to the project (including donations). Currently, if you would like to donate regularly, this would mean we could pay a trainee to spend some time coding for us. Which would probably increase a lot our productivity. To have a half time trainee working on the project, I guess it would cost us around US$ 500 per month per trainee.
      Of course, we could reduce the amount of work required for this trainee therefore reducing the monthly cost. I would be working with this trainee of course to make sure he gets all the knowledge and help he would need but I will no charge for this work since I'm too investing in the project.
      I do understand you will not afford such cost monthly all by yourself but I'm showing the price so that other people might want to collaborate to reach a certain team working.



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