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  • Emiel

    Emiel - 2006-11-15

    Hello people,

    I'm pleasently suprised by Archimedes cad, its a perfect initiativem, a lot off people are looking for an opensource alternative for autocad. Especialy because its crossplatform.
    I allready made a dutch wikisite: and i made an review for my website cad4linux:

    But i stll have one question: When you make a drawing, the size of a house floorplan, Archimedes becomes REALY slow. why is that sow? I tought that my computer (axp2400+/1024mb/GF-TI4600) was more than fast enough for such a simple thing. In qcad a drawing the same size is faster on a 500mhz. Is it becouse of the use of java? And if thats the case,  is java the best choise?

    Thanks and greets Emiel

    Exuse me for my bad englisch

    • Hugo Corbucci

      Hugo Corbucci - 2006-11-15

      Hello Emiel,

      Thanks a lot for the publications about Archimedes. :) Although we cannot understand the wiki, I'm sure it is great. ;P

      Now, about the speed. We are aware Archimedes becomes slow quite quickly. The problem is really not due to Java, if you open a new drawing, you'll see the speed comes back to normal immediatly. The fact is that our update method is VERY stupid. Basically, the whole drawing is redrawn every time the mouse moves. Now, when you get to have about one hundred elements on screen and about 100 mouse move events each second, the CPU gets consumed fastly.

      The only reason it is still being done like this is that we didn't got time to improve that mather. For now, we are focusing on new features until we reach a level where Archimedes can be used to create, at least, small projects. Once we reach this level, people will fastly start complaining like you just did. This will mean it is time for us to get time and solve this problem. I believe, at the rythm we are going, this should happen around January so the problem will probably be solved in February or March.

      Again, we need people to give us feedback in order to find out what is the most important thing to do at the present moment. Otherwise, we won't know what should be done.


      • OniOid

        OniOid - 2006-11-17

        Hi Hugo,
        I responded at the below thread as best as I could as graphic designer with some limited CAD knowledge and experience:

        I also participate in the newsgroup alt.architecture, and have mentioned your project there as well.


      • Emiel

        Emiel - 2006-11-19

        Hello Hugo,

        I am glad that the performance issue can be solved and believe it will be solved. This weekend i just made an international version of the dutch website cad4linux. , i will soon translate my dutch archimedes review to English. Now there is a poll on what review should be translated the first.

        You asked for some feedback on what has to be done in archimedes, so here are the things i need the most:
        * Model space and layouts
        * Hatch
        * Import/export dwg/dxf (after you implement all the features it needs)
        * Printing in linux
        * Performance
        * An good website with forum, the performance off the current website is very bad and i think a forum would be helpful. A phpbb forum is set up in a couple of minutes and is far more friendly as this sourceforge forum.

        Keep up the good work with Archimedes and i hope in the future i can dump bricscad for archimedes.

        Greets Emiel

    • Mariana V Bravo

      Mariana V Bravo - 2006-11-19

      Hi Emiel.

      Good luck with the international website! We sure like the publicity =P

      Thanks for the feedback, also. Here are some comments on some of the things you listed:

      * Model space and layouts
      - Honestly, I don't know what this means... Could you explain it?

      * Import/export dwg/dxf (after you implement all the features it needs)
      - We know how important this is, and we want Archimedes to work with DXF soon. DWG might take a little longer, though.

      * Printing in linux
      - The SWT library (which we use) currently doesn't support printing in Linux. Since we can't do much about that, the plan is to work a lot on exporting to pdf, which can be printed under any system.

      * An good website with forum, the performance off the current website is very bad and i think a forum would be helpful. A phpbb forum is set up in a couple of minutes and is far more friendly as this sourceforge forum.
      - Well, we don't have any concrete plans about this, but it's a good suggestion =)

      Thanks again!

      • Emiel

        Emiel - 2006-11-20

        Hi Mariana,

        I will try to explain what model space and layouts are. I think this is introduced in acad 2000/2002.

        In model space you can create a drawing with 1/1 scale without other things like an printframe with information. Than you can create a layout where you make a viewport to the modelspace trough this viewport you can see the drawing. This viewport can contain a scale. This way you can make a actual layout exactly the size of you printpaper with a viewport with shows the modelspace drawing in a certain scale.

        This way you can make several layouts, for several papersizes with the same drawing.

        Because it is nog so easy to explain and my english is not so good i googled up some tutorials:

        I would love to help with setting up an phpbb forum, and i also could provide the hosting for that, but it would be a weird url like or something like that. Because i have no neutral domainname.

        Greets Emiel

        • Hugo Corbucci

          Hugo Corbucci - 2006-11-20

          Hi Emiel,

          I understood what you spaces and layout.
          I suppose the greater use of this feature comes when you have 3d drawings. Since Archimedes won't deal with 3d so soon, I guess it will take us sometime to implement this. For the 2d projects, it seems this won't add anything to what already exists so I don't see the need of it. You can just zoom in the area you want to print and export it to PDF.

          Just a little comment on Mariana's answer. The linux printing feature is under development in SWT so when we migrate to a newer version of SWT, we'll probably get the printing feature available.


          • Emiel

            Emiel - 2006-11-20

            Hi Hugo,

            I disagree on your point.
            I only have used 2d in my drawing rareer, but allways used paperspace/modelspace/layouts.
            Some advantages are:
            Make one drawing, and make difirent predefined layouts off several views and part off the drawing.
            Make a drawing based a drawing of an architect, loud the architects drawing in de model space, add your own stuff on the paper space.
            Here in the netherlands allmost all architects use layouts for difirent views in 2D drawings.

            Greets Emiel

            • Hugo Corbucci

              Hugo Corbucci - 2006-11-20

              Hi Emiel,

              Well, you're the architect. :) Won't disagree with you. If you say it is usefull on 2D, I believe in you. :)
              At the moment we're on a major migration from pure SWT to Rich Client Platform so we're working heavily on it. Very little is being done lately when it comes to new features.
              The main idea of this migration is to become a plugin platform using the RCP system. Once this is done, we'll restart working on the feature requests.
              If you could try to post one explaining how it should work, we could estimate it and try working on it.


    • drarch

      drarch - 2007-01-04

      Hi I read your website and think your CAD software will have alot of potential. I am an architect hence i don't really understand the difference between SWT and RCP platforms or any programming stuff. I have yet to try it but planning to download and try. I will try to contribute to the development of this software from an architect's point of view as much as i can. I will try to explain what Emiel is trying to explain.

      Model Space is where all the drawings are done.
      Paper space is where the final layout is done and also where further information can be added in the paper space.

      In model space the drawing will be done in 1:1 scale. take an example :design of a coffee table. the plans, elevations and any drawings related to the coffee table can be shown at a 1:1 scale. The however the detail of how the legs to join the table top may be too small to be displayed at 1:1 scale hence it may be necessary to increase to show the detail at 2:1 or even 5:1 scale.

      In paper space, you can create difference viewports. one for all the plans and elevations and one for the detail. you can then set the viewport to display different parts of the drawing at different scale. say elevations and plans at 1:1 and detail at 5:1. The title block will also be on the paper space. The viewport basically "cut a hole" in the paperspace to display what is in the model space.

      I hope this help to explain the above.

      Once again thanks for your all your hard work and I wish every one in this project all the best in the NEW YEAR.



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