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  • Scays

    Scays - 2008-12-20

    Hi, I am an Architectural Technologist of some long years standing, I trained on the board, and moved into CAD late in life, but consider myself competent on a number of platforms, Autocad,Archicad,Vectorworks, the later being my own system. I am freelance so work in a lot of offices with all sorts of ideas on how to run a cad office.

    One of my long term interests is an open CAD system, many office complain at the cost of running autocad, and want out, but there is just no alternative, and for a major or even small practice there has to be an alternative that is DWG compatible, little or no retraining for staff and there must be a major incentive, cost.

    I have looked for ages and your program is cross platform, almost free and seems to work. although at present it lacks a lot of the basic commands many CAD operator would want, blocks, a decent library, and for Vectorworks users, both class and layers, and printing is a must, line thickness, I could go were do I go to get this moving, is there an open forum, the site says little, I want to get involved, A decent manual is a very first, quite willing to write it just let me in


    • Hugo Corbucci

      Hugo Corbucci - 2008-12-22

      Hello Scays,
      Pleased to have you. I am pretty curious as for why my program is not completly free.

      I am aware it lacks a lot of features but I cannot guarantee I will be able to provide them on the current situation. I am not a CAD user myself which means that the only thing I get from this work, is the knowledge of building it. Since working on it used to be done in my free time, it quickly became a secondary priority especially due to the lack of interest from the community to it.

      I found out that I don't have time to maintain everything going by myself which means: I either update the site, or implement features or answer the forum or provide documentation. I just cannot do all those alone. So, if you want to help, I am willing to provide you full access to this project here at sourceforge and we might work to get you administrator right to the website.

      Other than that, you can contact me on a messaging system to get a few answers you might like but that is pretty much all I can currently offer. If that would fit you, please warn me so that I can provide you whatever you need.



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