questions before posting RFP in Debian

  • Andres Cimmarusti


    I want to write a bug report in Debian requesting archimedes to be packaged and included in the Debian repositories.
    However I need more information, mainly three things:

    - Who is the author(s) ? a project leader name and contact information would be ideal
    - The project claims to be open source, but covered under what license exactly? GPL, BSD, LGPL?
    - I've seen the project is primarily developed in Java, but are there other programming languages being used?

    Thanks, I look forward to seeing this project in Debian. I believe this will be a great way for the project to get attention (If it's in Debian it will be in Ubuntu and Mint)

    Andres Cimmarusti

  • Hugo Corbucci

    Hugo Corbucci - 2010-06-09

    Hello Andres,
    You could probably add me (Hugo Corbucci - hugo.corbucci at gmail) as the project leader since I've been the only one here since the beginning and I pretty much control the repository and other resources.
    Regarding the License, it is an EPL licensed project. That's because it is based over the Eclipse Rich Client Platform which is licensed under EPL. The easiest way to be compatible with it is to follow the license.
    For the project itself, no other languages except Java. There are a few things in Ruby and Shell regarding builds, stats and other repetitve tasks.

    I am sorry I have not answered before. I was travelling and didn't manage to log in.


  • Andres Cimmarusti

    Hello Hugo,

    I've submitted a bug report with Debian, asking for the software to be packaged. I expect there won't be any problems with licensing since eclipse is in the Debian main repos and it uses the EPL.

    It should show up in this list: , soon, and under the name archimedes
    Lets hope a developer/maintainer picks it up…I certainly don't have the skills



  • Hugo Corbucci

    Hugo Corbucci - 2010-06-09

    Hey Andres,

    Thanks a lot for that. I'll be expecting some contact. I don't know enough of Debian or Ubuntu to help either.



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