Collaboration on file import API

  • Jonas Forssell

    Jonas Forssell - 2006-10-30


    Nice to see a CAD program i progress. This is surely needed.

    I'm part of another team ( who is developing a FE program. Impact includes a simple 3D preprocessor and I'm about to start writing a general API for reading IGES files and similar formats.

    One idea is to create a joint project on sourceforge around this API and make it general enough for all java programs to use. Would you be interested in collaborating on such a project?

    /Jonas Forssell, Sweden

    • Hugo Corbucci

      Hugo Corbucci - 2006-11-06

      Hello Jonas,
      We surely would be very interested in such project. Sadly, I believe we won't be able to help you a lot with coding since we're having a hard time keeping Archimedes' speed. However, I'll try to look for someone in our college that might like to participate in this project and I'll send you his contact.

      Now, when it comes to Archimedes' files I would be glad to help you guys. We have 1 class "com.tarantulus.archimedes.model.writers.XMLWriter" that does the writing and 1 reader "com.tarantulus.archimedes.parser.XMLParser" to read.
      The FileSchema.xsd should help you also. If you need me to adapt any of those classes, please feel free to ask. I'll just need to know which Interface I will have to implement.



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