#1 Boot-time Problems


First PC (my pc)... Booting off of CDROM:

(Specs - AMD Opteron 146, 1GB RAM, IDE 160GB HDD, 1x
PCI Express 6600 NVIDIA (NON-SLI))

Problems in order -

*Selected NVIDIA for GFX, anything else crashes*

1.) Failed to initialize gfx,
2.) DMA timeout x5,
3.) failed to read a sector off the disc,
3.) debug logging freeze (so it says),
4.) I then hit reset...


Second PC (my sisters)... Booting off of CDROM:

(Specs - Dell Dimension 3000)

Problems in order -

*selected default VBE @ 1024x768*

1.) says something about env/prefs,
2.) GURU Meditaion,
2.) I then hit reset...

-= If you need to know nything more, don't hestitate
to contact me (ant@forever-dreaming.com); be it more
details or whatever, I don't mind. I'd love this OS
to work sooner or later on my machine. I'm a hardcore
Amiga fan and I use to own both the A500+ and the
A1200 (I even wrote my first tracks on Octamed). If
this ever got big and could be compatible with all
Windows programs/filetypes I'd put it on anyday.
Still the best OS in my eyes.

An OS should load and start a basic operating system,
one which shouldn't load anything on start, but the
basic drivers. What's the point in having *.DLL files
that load on start? I htought the whole idea was to
load them as and when Windows needed them!??

I have a lot of suggestions and answers being an I.T
man, so my time is yours if you need it.

Keep up the awesomework peeps, I'm always checking
this site for updates ETC. Might be useful to
incorporate an RSS feed straight to our windows/linux
desktops while we're waiting.

See you guys in the future! xD how about meeting up
like the old Commodore days and meeting new people,
build the team up... ETC? =-

Take Care all...... AJ


  • Barry Nelson

    Barry Nelson - 2008-03-28

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    Has anyone followed up on this request? I have recently been given access to the tracker database and I was cleaning up old requests and following up on them when I came across yours. Have you tried any of the nightly builds recently? I have had good luck getting them to boot up and install (for the most part at least). I have had a lot of success running the current builds under VMWare also. I am sending an email directly to you as well as responding here.

  • Barry Nelson

    Barry Nelson - 2008-03-28
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    Closed because of time-out.