#434 Built-in CD command prints error message twice

Shell/DOS (109)
Mark K

(I'm not sure whether or not this is M68K-only.)

With the AROS ROM, boot a Workbench 1.3 disk and press Ctrl-D to interrupt the startup-sequence. Type
cd blahblah:
then cancel the requester which appears. The output is
CD: object not found
cd: object not found


  • Jason S. McMullan

    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Jason S. McMullan

    Fixed in SVN r46666 in ABIv1

  • Mark K

    Mark K - 2013-02-21

    Rather than creating new bug reports I might as well mention here that many of the other built-in commands have a similar issue...

    > ask
    Ask: required argument missing
    ask: required argument missing

    > echo to
    Echo: value after keyword missing
    echo: value after keyword missing

    > alias string
    Alias: value after keyword missing
    alias: value after keyword missing

    > resident file
    Resident: value after keyword missing
    resident: value after keyword missing

    > newcli window
    NewShell: value after keyword missing
    newcli: value after keyboard missing

    Similar issue with various other built-in commands, including at least:
    > endskip
    > else
    > failat rclim
    > lab
    > prompt prompt
    > quit
    > set name
    > skip
    > setenv

    Also, typing
    alias sometext
    prints a blank line (compare with Kickstart 3.1 where no empty line is printed).

  • Jason S. McMullan

    Ah. Good catch!

    The problem was actually in L:UserShell-Seg, in the error handling.

    UnloadSeg was (unintentionally) clobbering IoErr(), and some code was relying upon that side effect.

    Fixed in r46703/4 in ABI_V1

  • Jason S. McMullan

    • assigned_to: nobody --> ezrec
  • Neil Cafferkey

    Neil Cafferkey - 2014-07-30
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed
    • Group: --> general

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