#394 M68K/BCPL: readn is unimplemented

Shell/DOS (109)
Mark K

The BCPL routine readn (GV offset $10C) is unimplemented in AROS. readn is used by DiskEd.

readn reads a decimal number string from standard input, returning the result in D1. Whitespace at the beginning of the string is skipped. After reading the first non-digit char after a run of digits, the routine calls unrdch. (So the next read will return that non-digit char.)

If the string doesn't conform to that shown below, the routine sets pr_Result2 to -1 and returns 0 in D1.
[] means optional, <> required.

[any number of whitespace chars] ['+' or '-'] <'0' to '9'> [more digits] <any non-digit char or EOF>

Note: whitespace chars are tab (0x09), space and linefeed (0x0A).


  • Toni Wilen

    Toni Wilen - 2012-03-02
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Toni Wilen

    Toni Wilen - 2012-03-02

    readn implemented


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