#262 Zune layout engine crashes under certain conditions

GUI/Zune (42)
Pavel Fedin

When adding options to IControl prefs i experienced Zune crash when summary height of "Windows" and "Screens" groups became larger than height of "Menus" group.
I guess this happens because "Menus" group is not resizeable.
Two mentioned vertical groups have the same weight, so Zune attempted to insist on the same height for them. It could be more intelligent and decide to make "Windows" group smaller in order to free up some space for "Screens" group.
In order to work around this bug i removed extra spaces (first spaces in each group, before ColGroup). Zune started allowing groups to have different height and everything went fine.
During the process i rearranged gadgets in groups (otherwise HotkeyString looked bad). After this, in order to verify the problem, i put back these spaces. There was no more crash.
In order to reproduce the bug you may try to check out r3317 of IControl prefs and try to add more checkmarks to Screens group. If you add more than 2 checkmarks, you'll get crash.
IIRC in such situations MUI 3.8 forcibly increases size of non-resizeable group, so that it gets some empty space. But there's no crash.
Perhaps the appropriate testcase would be just two bitmaps with different heights in a horizontal group. Or three gadgets in two groups:
outer horizontal group with gadet 1 and group 2 inside. Group 2 is vertical with two more gadgets inside.


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