ABCL 0.13.0 released

The ABCL (Armed Bear Common Lisp) developers are proud to release the
0.13.0 version.

The main improvements in this version over the last release (0.12.0) are:

- Support for JSR-223 (Java Script API)
- Many additions/rewrites in the compiler, allowing more efficient
code generation
- Maxima generated code no longer causes crashes when compiled

For a full list of all changes, please see the links on the project

The site has been enhanced to include both release notes and
testimonials from current users. If you're an existing user, please
step forward so we can add your story to the site.

Should you experience problems with this - or any other - release from
ABCL, please contact the development team on the developers mailing

Erik Huelsmann.

Posted by Kevin Krouse 2009-03-12

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