These are grandiose plans.
But I'd like you to consider the following:
-    provide Lisp-aware editor, a la J, as add-on for NetBeans, with color-coding;
-    populate Navigator window with functions, macros, variables defined in a source file, again a la J just sorted;
-    incorporate abcl to be able to execute any piece of (Lisp)code;
-    allow debugger to step from Java code into Lisp code and back.

> Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 20:33:03 +0200
> From:
> To:
> CC:
> Subject: Re: [j-devel] GUI restarts selection
> On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 4:59 PM, Erik Huelsmann <> wrote:
> >> On a different subject, I have a preliminary working version of my
> >> Swing DSL. The core is working and should remain quite stable. The
> >> number of widgets, properties, events etc. supported is ridiculously
> >> small, and there are many missing features to add, but I think it's
> >> usable for simple things now. So, Erik and others, if it's ok to you I
> >> can try using it for a simple GUI for invoking restarts.
> >
> > I'd *love* to see what you can do with the DSL (and especially ABCL :-)
> Very little actually in its current version... but, it should be easy
> enough to add new widgets to it. I've written a very short faq, I'll
> publish it in the near future. For reference, here's a code snippet I
> used in the FAQ: <>. Nothing out of
> the ordinary as you can see, but there is more (if only a little more
> for now).
> Regarding ABCL itself, among other things I've been impressed by how
> easy it is to build upon its Java FFI. I've written my own
> "invoke.lisp"-style thing (NIH syndrome) and with few lines of code
> I've got a little library for invoking Java with runtime method
> dispatch via reflection, written in Lisp only (no Java involved). ABCL
> really has potential to be well integrated with a number of Java
> libraries. And then, with Lisp's power and leveraging an impressive
> amount of man-hours put in those libraries, world domination is the
> only possible consequence :D
> More seriously, what I'd love to try on ABCL is the Cells library by
> Kenny Tilton. This combined with Swing (with the help of JGoodies
> Binding which is already a bit integrated
> in my DSL) is going to be great!
> > I think it would be a great thing to have (not the DSL per se,
> > although that would be a great thing too, but the GUI selections for
> > restarts), because I think we're currently way to much restricted by
> > the original idea of the tty-oriented-REPL in original lisps.
> Yes, in fact commercial implementations (well, at least Lispworks
> which I have tried) do offer graphical interaction for a lot of things
> (debugging, inspection, ...)
> > I'd also love to have a way to get GUI-driven I/O working; something
> > where we catch the *standard-output*, *standard-error*, etc streams
> > and where we can send input in through *standard-input*, but in a GUI
> > fashion: I want to make compiling/error reporting and resolution
> > happen interactively with the user, not hidden where I (or the user)
> > can't see it.
> Yes, although that probably requires some work throughout the various
> functions that perform user interaction. Or maybe some kind of "gui
> streams" which pop up dialogs instead of writing to the console. It'll
> take some design efforts... it's going to be fun :)
> >> In that eventuality, we'll have to decide if and how to package the thing with
> >> ABCL; I'd go for an optional module but I don't know if there's the
> >> infrastructure for something like that.
> >
> > Well, if there is no such facility, we may want to create it :-)
> Ok :)
> Bye,
> Ale
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