Excuse me, but I couldn't find the details I'm looking for.  Also please excuse my relative ignorance of Java.

Is there a way to call Java bytecode that was created by ABCL directly from Java?  I see in the armedbear-j-devel post
(Re: [j-devel] Running compiled files with only java?) this bit from Peter:

import org.armedbear.lisp.*;

public class hello
public static void main(String[] args)
Interpreter interpreter = Interpreter.createInstance();
interpreter.eval("(load \"foo.abcl\")");
catch (Throwable t)

Here an interpreter is being called.  (Is it part of Java?)  What I am thinking of is something like:

$ java foo

but I have .abcl files, not .class files.

Thanks in advance.

Lisp humour:

LISP> (setf god (symbol-value god))
Warning:  Declaring GOD special.
Error:  GOD is unbound.