I tweaked Closette into working for ABCL.  It is located at:

It works when loaded and it also works when compiled and loaded.  (You have to load it first before compiling it but once compiled you only need load the compiled version.)

It seems to run fine.  It has a MOP.  I did some quick checks to see if it hung on to instances (causing a leak) but it didn't.  It seems to work fine. 

This CLOS implementation was sufficient to run the code I needed.  The old ABCL CLOS was not.

I did not do any timing tests.  I would certainly be interested in a comparisons of the old CLOS code to this Closette.

Many of my tweaks involved getting around the inherent CLOS in ABCL.  If this Closette becomes a part of ABCL there would be no need in getting around the clashes (since it would be the only CLOS).

I think we should seriously consider this code to supersede the existing CLOS until someone can get PCL up.

Blake McBride