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;Try my inefficient URL reader! Calls java libraries.

;use (print-webpage "http://www.msn.com:80/") or
;(return-webpage "http://www.msn.com:80/") to return
it ;in a string.
-- URLstring.lisp
 (defun java-object-class (obj-instance)
  "returns the Class name string of a given object reference, including primitives and arrays"
  (jclass-name (jobject-class obj-instance)))  
(defun bytes-string (byte-array)
  "convert byte array to a String object"
  (jnew (jconstructor "java.lang.String" "[B") byte-array))
(defun print-webpage (URL-STRING)
  "print the data returned from URL-STRING to the standard out"
  (LET ((URL (JNEW (JCONSTRUCTOR "java.net.URL" "java.lang.String") URL-STRING))
        istream inreader bufferedin)
         (unless (null (setq ISTREAM (JCALL (JMETHOD "java.net.URL" "openStream") URL)))
           (setq INREADER (JNEW (JCONSTRUCTOR "java.io.InputStreamReader" "java.io.InputStream") ISTREAM)
                 BUFFEREDIN (JNEW (JCONSTRUCTOR "java.io.BufferedReader" "java.io.Reader") INREADER))
           (DO ((STR "" (JCALL (JMETHOD "java.io.BufferedReader" "readLine") BUFFEREDIN)))
               ((NULL STR) 'END-OF-STREAM)
               (format t "~A~%" STR)))

(defun return-webpage (URL-STRING)
  "return the data from URL-STRING in a String"
  (LET* ((url             (JNEW (JCONSTRUCTOR "java.net.URL" "java.lang.String") URL-STRING))
        (data             (jnew-array "byte" 1))
        (inputstream-read (jmethod "java.io.InputStream" "read" "[B"))
        (stringbuffer-append (jmethod "java.lang.StringBuffer" "append" "java.lang.String"))
        (instream       (jcall (jmethod "java.net.URL" "openStream") url))
        (buffer           (jnew (jconstructor "java.lang.StringBuffer"))))
        (do ((len (jcall inputstream-read instream data)(jcall inputstream-read instream data)))
            ((= len -1) (jcall (jmethod "java.lang.StringBuffer" "toString") buffer))
          (jcall stringbuffer-append buffer (bytes-string data)))))

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