For future reference.
I can not email zip files directly, it is blocked by sourceForge. I posted the zip to the "Patch" webpage on SourceForge anyway. I know I can simply changed the file extension to something obscure and then tell you about it, but it's probably best not to try to hard to "trick" source forge.

Peter Graves <> wrote:
On Tue, 27 Jul 2004 at 18:58:14 -0700, Wayne Rogers wrote:
> I submitted a zip file to support the microsoft c#
> mode under patches. If you want me to use a different
> procedure let me know.


It says here (in the Sourceforge patch browser):

No Files Currently Attached maybe a different procedure might be in order. (Of course, user
error on my part may also be a factor.)

How about attaching the zip file to a mail message to this list?



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