#28 Use of Etags or Vtags in J.


Thanks for creating J.

I have been using J since a while and it is the best
editor I have used. I find something new everyday.
One thing I noticed is how you can go to other function
by findTagAtDot now is there any way to use tags
created by vtag or etag on linux side.



  • Peter Graves

    Peter Graves - 2005-10-21

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    J uses its own internal version of tags, which is similar to
    etags. There is no way to use external tag files.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have noticed it does not recognize lots of tags. Is there any
    way to create the update the tags, or generate tags for given
    directory structure.


  • Peter Graves

    Peter Graves - 2005-10-26

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    You might try adding something like this to ~/.j/prefs to
    set the tagPath for the mode you're interested in:

    JavaMode.tagPath =

  • Bhavesh Patel

    Bhavesh Patel - 2005-11-04

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    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for reply. Still one more stupid question. I am trying to
    set the mode for C,
    do I need to say.
    What is the path points at. Does the path is the directory
    where I want to start generating tags for? or the path is where
    the tags are located?
    Also if it is the path where tags are located, how can say that
    this is the directory where I want to generate tag from.

    Again thanks for awesome editor. You can see from that I am
    using jave written editor for editing C code.

  • Peter Graves

    Peter Graves - 2005-11-05

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    You need to put a line in ~/.j/prefs (or C:\.j\prefs) that
    points to the directory (or directories) containing the
    source files for which you'd like to generate tags.

    For example:

    CMode.tagPath =

    You don't need to worry about where the tags are located; j
    handles that automatically. (They go into ~/.j/tagfiles.)

  • Kevin Krouse

    Kevin Krouse - 2013-04-05

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  • Kevin Krouse

    Kevin Krouse - 2013-04-05
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