I am working to port armboot to my new bord based on EP7312.
In the source code "start.S",the code first init CPU register( cpu_init_crit)and init SRAM/SDRAM register(memsetup).Then it begin to relocate the bootldr code from flash to
The start addr for relocating is TEXT_BASE.My question is,this address can start from the bottom of the SDRAM,eg.0xc0000000? or must be some other address?
Then,right after the bootloader code, is the stack.It seems that the stack is downward.Right?
The real available RAM should be after the bootloader code and stack,
which is stored in _armboot_real_end by "cpu_init()".
So when load the kernel image from flash to SDRAM, the kernel image should start from/after this address?
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