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On'co.logy M,e.d . I,n_c+. (O'TC: ONCO,) a Can_cer Treatm,en*t Soluti'on.s G*roup is s+a-i_d to h'a_v e
e*xper'ienced o.v e'r a 1000,% i.ncr'ease in reve+n.ues f'o,r t-h e f iscal 3'r d qu,arter endin*g J u l y_,
2-0*0-7 comp_are-d w'i_t h t.h.e p*rior y-e_a r whi+le fi scal fou'rth qu arter r.esults f o.r 2,0-0+7 a+r.e on
tr'ack to exc-eed t*h.i.s year’_s thir'd q,uarter r esults.
O+N,C O addition**ally pl*ans to increa+s.e servic,e offe-ring's whi'ch a.r.e curren_tl_y unde+r,way.
Don’_t w a,i-t f,o,r t-h.e n+e.w-s to c.o_m-e o+u't a n d l+o,s+e t+h-e op+portunit y to g*e*t in fron,t of the
gener*al inve'stin-g pu+blic. Oncol*+ogy M_e,d is in a multi--billion dolla'r indus*t'ry w,h,e'r'e
t-h'e+y a+r e gai_ning m,arket sha're rapi,dly.
C*a*l l y,o*u r broke r n,o-w f-o_r O-N_C'O .