I have successfully load linux kernel image at 0xC0300000 and
        ramdisk at 0xC0600000 on edb7312 board.
        I also copy kernel image and ramdisk to flash ,individually at 0x00040000 and 0x00220000.
        When I type the command " bootm c0300000 c0600000",it show me the error:
        " EP7312 # bootm c030000 c060000 "
        " ## Booting image at 0c030000 ...   "
        " Bad Magic Number                     "
            I try to boot on flash,so I type "bootm 00040000 00220000".
        It show me the same error message:
        " EP7312 # bootm 00040000 00220000 "
        " ## Booting image at 00040000 ...      "
        " Bad Magic Number                        "
       What does the error mean,and What should I do?
        If you know the answer,please tell me how to solve this problem.
Best Regards.