#11 Border


Previously, an arena was limited by it's rim. This was
fine as long as the 2 following assumptions where true:
a) The play area is bounded by a wall
b) The is only one play area

As an extra problem, it was possible to rip off part of
the rim. When that occured, players could pass in the
opening and could roam outside of the "safe" area, and
make the engine break.

To solve all of this, a border will be introduced to
the grid. The border will be operated independantly of
any wall on a grid. The border will be a hard one, ie:
wont be changable by players action. The separation
from the border and the wall doesnt contradict the
"making a hole in the wall and escaping throught it"
idea presented in the movie, that so many cherish.

Another aspect affected by the border will be the
rendering of the surface of a grid. The texture or
pattern will not be applied outside of the border,
giving the visual information needed to avoid hitting
its edge to players. Also, in the hope to ease the
transition, the border tag in the map format will
support a boolean flag to indicate if a wall should be
put on it.

Later instalments of world will use connectors to allow
for passing from one grid to another. This will be
possible to set at the edge of a grid, by having
connector detection occur before border detection. This
will be addresed with the multi-grid features.

This feature will add a new items to the map format.
You can read about theses here


  • Philippe Villeneuve

    • assigned_to: nobody --> philippeqc
  • Philippe Villeneuve

    • milestone: --> Bacchus

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