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Armagetron Advanced released

Version is not a security update, just a compilation and compatibility fix update. It now works fine with gcc 6. does not even compile and if you fix the compile errors (a patch for that was floating around previously), it crashes quite reproducibly. If you don't have any obvious problems, you can stick to

Oh, and we forgot to announce here, which WAS a security update. So if this news channel is your only source of Armagetron Advanced release news, sorry. Update now!

Posted by Manuel Moos 2016-11-27

Armagetron Advanced released

Version of the multiplayer lightcycle game Armagetron Advanced has been released, fixing several vulnerabilities.

The most important vulnerability let modified clients send servers into infinite loops by exploiting a bug in handling the very, very old cycle turn command protocol.

The second vulnerability allowed anyone with enough access rights to execute "/admin include" to gain owner rights on a server and take it over for as long as it kept running.... read more

Posted by Manuel Moos 2011-09-11

Armagetron Advanced released

It took a while, but the long expected release of the Multiplayer Lightcycle game Armagetron Advanced is finally here.

Polishing existing things has been the focus of this release. This version handles lag better than any version before it, rendering performance has been increased, and there were many small victories in the ever continuing war against spam. One new big feature made it in, too: players are now able to authenticate to game servers using a distributed protocol, thus making organized competitive play that much easier and the life of impostors and trolls harder.

Posted by Manuel Moos 2010-01-19

Denial of service attacks on Armagetron Advanced

Two attack possibilities have been discovered that let anyone shut down or freeze a game server with a modified client. Aditionally, remote administrators can freeze a game server with commands that produce too much output. Versions 0.2.8.X are affected by all three; version, fixing them all, is available in the file release section.

Other versions are vulnerable to the server shutdown exploit, too; there, a crash can be caused. Patches for 0.2.7.X, 0.2.6.X and 0.3.0 are available in the patches section. Let us know which versions are in active use in binary form, we'll consider full releases for those who can't use a source patch.... read more

Posted by Manuel Moos 2006-08-04

Armagetron Advanced released

Armagetron Advanced, the multiplayer lightcycle game, just got a new minor release.

Some smaller improvements and bugfixes went into Console and chat now have a history function, spectators are now visible to other players so they can chat and be kicked, and team management has been sanitized a bit. It should be a safe upgrade for all users of

The next release is planned to be the experimental release 0.3.0, showcasing where we're going. There is also going to be a with more small improvements later.

Posted by Manuel Moos 2006-06-06

Security vulnerabilities in Armagetron Advanced 0.2.8

All 0.2.8 beta and release candidate versions of Armagetron Advanced and itself are vulnerable to file path related attacks. Versions and earlier lack the features that introduce the vulnerability and are safe.

There are two attack scenarios: In the first, a malicious server administrator can use a forged MAP_FILE path to inject files in arbitrary places on the clients as long as no file already exists there. This has been fixed in version In the second scenario, a malicious remote server administrator can read partial content of every file the server has access to. Whole private ssh and gpg keys can be read. This vulnerability has been closed in read more

Posted by Manuel Moos 2006-03-30

Armagetron Advanced Security fixes

Recently, some security vulnerabilities in Armagetron Advanced have been made public. Read more here:

As a response, version fixing these problems has been made available. It also fixes several large and many small annoying bugs, like the rip bug and client/server cycle synchronization problems. Please see the release notes for more information.

Posted by Manuel Moos 2005-03-10

Armagetron Advanced

The development team is pleased to announce version Enjoy!

Posted by Alex E. Kelly 2004-07-02

Our New Project

Our development team is proud to announce "Armagetron Advanced" - which includes several new features that have been added to Manuel Moos's original Armagetron. This project is currently preparing documentation and configurable options.

More news will follow regarding our release when the appropriate time comes.

Posted by Alex E. Kelly 2004-06-04

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