Can not compile on Fedora 3

  • Chris Candreva

    Chris Candreva - 2005-02-18

    0.2.7 doesn't want to compile under Fedora 3 (at least for me).  gcc Version is 3.4.2 .  This is the first of many errors I receive (There appear to be many missing definition errors)
    g++ -I. -I.. -I../.. -O2 -march=athlon -pipe -I/usr/include/SDL -D_REENTRANT -I../../src/tools/ -I../../src/engine/ -I../../src/network/ -I../../src/ui/ -I../../src/render/  -I. -I../../src -c  gServerBrowser.cpp -o gServerBrowser.o
    In file included from ../../src/tools/tArray.h:34,
                     from ../../src/tools/tString.h:31,
                     from ../../src/network/nNetwork.h:31,
                     from ../../src/network/nNetObject.h:31,
                     from gGame.h:31,
                     from gServerBrowser.cpp:29:
    ../../src/tools/tSafePTR.h: In member function `const T* tCheckedPTRConst<T>::operator->() const':
    ../../src/tools/tSafePTR.h:108: error: `operator->' is not a member of `tCheckedPTRBase'
    ../../src/tools/tSafePTR.h: In destructor `tStackObject<T>::~tStackObject()':
    ../../src/tools/tSafePTR.h:414: error: `refCtr_' undeclared (first use this function)
    ../../src/tools/tSafePTR.h:414: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.)

    • Fred

      Fred - 2005-02-20

      Try checking out a CVS version, I think these errors have been fixed there.


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