dMores - 2006-08-22

okay, this is not the standard forum thread, but i just want to say that this is an excellent game.

first of all, it runs on a mac.
then, it's network capable.
then, it also runs on a pc.
and then, it's ideal for the quick inter-office-showdown.

my company uses both macs and pcs, and we like to compete, and this game looks to be the perfect stress-relief.

i haven't tested hosting a game on a mac and connecting to it with a pc, but i expect it to work.

played the single player version and i'm hooked :)

only thing i'd wish for was a bit of a different wall and sky-texture. somehow it doesn't fit in with the shiny, mirroring floor and the cool "motorcycles".

anyways, keep up the great work, this page is bookmarked, and the next few weeks will definately bring us to the brink of bankrupcy since all resources will be dedicated to armagetron!