0.2.8_beta4.2 is up

  • Manuel Moos

    Manuel Moos - 2005-12-06

    Get it from beta.armagetronad.net.

    All three Windows build types work on all Windows versions, with one exception: the VC8 build does not work on Windows XP. Can some expert find out why? All I get is a generic error message ("Installation problem, reinstall" Ha!).

    The main changes since beta4 are two crashfixes, one that hit maybe half of the Windows users right on startup, the other when chat was used in a specific way.

    The main thing is that Windows builds are up, the other platforms are less important.

    I'll upload the files here to SF, too.

    • Manuel Moos

      Manuel Moos - 2005-12-06

      Done, release (except for the VC8 build) is available here.


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