#200 Phasing incident

Manuel Moos

If A and B start paralell, B turns towards A, A grinds
B's wall really deep, accellerates past A, then turns
to cut off A, A will almost always pass trough B's wall.


  • Manuel Moos

    Manuel Moos - 2006-06-05

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    Err, the description should read:
    ... Accelerates past B, then turns to cut off B, B will
    almost always pass through A's wall.

    And the almost always needs to be replaced by "sometimes".
    It doesn't happen all that often.

    Two things fixed:
    The walls are now copied into the grid more frequently when
    cycles are grinding.
    And at the moment A grinds B, B's last driving direction is
    flipped. That way, the algorithm that sorts B into the grid
    when A turns should have better chances sorting B in.

    Of course, the fix is highly experimental given the
    rareness of the bug. We'll see whether it has side effects.

  • Manuel Moos

    Manuel Moos - 2006-06-05
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