#120 bogus "isatty()" check in rConsoleCout.cpp

Eric Price

A long time ago (back on armagetron I
programmed a simple shell script modification called

to work the standard input and output of
armagetron-dedicated had to be parsed and modified by
another program, interprocesscommunication done via
pipes through fifo buffers.

Unfortunately armagetron checked for the terminal for
being a tty in the above mentioned file, so It didnt
work without patching.

I talked to the armagetron guys, and they fixed it in
their CVS repository

unfortunately after then no release made it out,
instead your fork took over.

However, while SUDDEN DEATH works great almost without
any modifications even in, the isatty check
still is there and had to be patched out.

I see no reason for this check to be there at all.

So please remove it in future versions, so other people
can build and run server modification add-on scripts,
like that, too.


  • Manuel Moos

    Manuel Moos - 2005-09-12
    • milestone: 476843 --> v0.2.8_betaX
    • assigned_to: nobody --> z-man
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Manuel Moos

    Manuel Moos - 2005-09-12

    Logged In: YES

    I can't remember the communication, but I indeed disabled the
    check in the old repository (It should have made it's way into, though). It'll be fixed for the next 0.2.8 version in AA,
    Nitpic: The old armagetron guys and the new ones have a
    certain overlap :)
    And being the lazy sloth I am, there certainly was a reason for
    the check once; It was not there in the beginning, and
    introduced in revision 1.3 on the original repository. My guess
    is that something broke somewhere without the test, but the
    CVS checkin message is not clear on that.


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