#81 Spammer's connection loss

networking (25)
Manuel Moos

On Sat, 12 Jul 2003, noderunner wrote:

> i managed to crash the 0.2.5pre server *hihi*
> it crashed at about 210000 seconds of spam
protection or something, don't
> know how valuable it will be for you but i got
blisters on my fingers lol

Nice try ( I would not have considered it ), but the
server survived it.
It just lost contact to you because you spammed the
network connection :-)
Important messages were not getting through.
Of course, this is still a bug; the new network
priority model to be implemented soon should fix it.

> anyway thanx for the greatest Gnu GPL Open
Source game ever =D

You're welcome!


In case you are interested, here's the server log:

noderunner n54 : hi
noderunner n54 : :D
noderunner n54 : :C
noderunner n54 : Well done!
noderunner n54 : Well done!
noderunner n54 : Almost got you...
noderunner n54 : Hehe!
noderunner n54 core dumped Outlook for 3 points.
Outlook lost 2 points since it caused a general
protection fault.
... ( many rounds, man, you really must have tortured
your keyboard )
noderunner n54 lost 4 points for trying to escape from
the game grid.
Outlook was awarded 10 points for being last active
Winner : Outlook
Ping charity changed from 165 to 177.
Deleting objects...
Deleting grid...
Time: 46.3203 seconds
Sent: 132674 bytes in 1162 packets (2864.27
Received: 67358 bytes in 1167 packets (1454.18
Creating grid...
Warning! Network overflow: 52.976
... ( tons of more warnings )
Warning! Network overflow: 103.296
Warning! Network overflow: 70.5537
Warning! Too many acks pending: 100
Warning! Network overflow: 1202.51
Warning! Too many acks pending: 100
go (extra round; whoever gains the lead wins)!
Champ: Outlook
Overall Winner: Outlook after 10 rounds.
Warning! Too many acks pending: 100
Warning! Too many acks pending: 100
Ping charity changed from 177 to 272.
Deleting objects...
Warning! Too many acks pending: 100
User 1 timed out.
Killing user 1, ping 0.345478.
noderunner n54 left the game.
Deleting grid...
Ping charity changed from 272 to 300.
Killing user 0, ping 10.
Ping charity changed from 300 to 100100.
Nobody there. Taking a nap...


  • Manuel Moos

    Manuel Moos - 2003-07-20
    • milestone: 316047 --> 316048
  • Manuel Moos

    Manuel Moos - 2003-08-10
    • milestone: 316048 --> v0.2.6

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