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Armadeus release 3.0 is available

The new Armadeus release 3.0 supports the new Armadeus Systems APF27 board, linux kernel 2.6.27, GCC 4.2.1, U-Boot 1.3.4 and even much more.

Main changes in this release can be found there:

Detailed information of the APF27 board can be found here: read more

Posted by jorasse 2009-02-25

Armadeus release 2.3 is out

Armadeus release 2.3: Change ftp servers of buildroot and fakeroot packages.

Posted by Nicolas 2008-02-18

Armadeus software release v2.2 is out

Armadeus release 2.2 adds many new drivers, fixes many bugs, supports the new linux kernel 2.6.23 and a recent version of buildroot.
The new version of buildroot brings new features and some changes regarding the organization of files:
- binary files are now placed in the directory buildroot/binaries/armadeus/
- name of binary files do not use anymore the suffix "nofpu"
- compiler tools are now placed in the directory buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir/bin/
- rootfs is now in buildroot/project_build_arm/armadeus/... read more

Posted by jorasse 2007-12-16

Software version v2.0 is out

Short changes:
- upgrade u-boot bios to release 1.1.6
- upgrade buildroot to the october, 30 2006 snapshot
- add support for the RTC DS1374 (under u-boot and linux)
- new IMX SPI linux driver
- add MAX1027 ADC linux driver
- add IMX PWM linux driver
- improve imx-i2c driver (bugs fixed)
- change the name of the armadeus platform under u-boot to apx9328
(apm9328 and apf9328 compatible)
- add a Linux FPGA loader tool
- add a Linux FPGAregs tool
- support linux kernel
- Add sysfs to fstab
- Add support for several LCDs in linux (Sharp, Microtips)
- improved DHCP usage with uBoot
- Use new spartan3 u-boot driver
- preliminary support for SDL
- Fix all referenced bugs opened before january 2007.

Posted by Julien B aka Artemys 2007-02-11

Association is open and new members are joining us

After some post on Linux mailing lists to advertise the opening of the association, new members are joining us...

Posted by Julien B aka Artemys 2006-11-26

Web sites are quite ready & will be operational soon...

Posted by Julien B aka Artemys 2006-09-14

First boards are out

First 100 boards are out from factory (see screenshots) and seem to work well. Devt boards are coming soon and so everybody will be able to join us in our effort ;-)

Posted by Julien B aka Artemys 2006-09-07

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