On 06/19/2012 12:08 PM, Mohamed Saad IBN SEDDIK wrote:
Hello Jérémie!

 Have you Qt libraries for x86 platform installed in your host PC ?
And if this is the case, is qmake accessible in your PATH ?
 In fact, Qt Creator is compiled for host PC, so it needs Qt x86
libraries to be compiled against it.
I had already installed Qt using the web application. Then I realised 
that it did not add neither qmake nor qtcreator.

 Could you try to do 'which qmake' and give me the result of the
command ? And what is the content of $PATH ?
The result was nothing first. Then I installed Qt using "apt-get 
install qtcreator".
So now, 'which qmake' gives me "/usr/bin/qmake"

The path is:

So it should find it now!
It seems that the online installation doesn't install necessary development files like qmake. So as you've done, Qt must be installed with APT (with the package qt4-qmake, which is also a dependency of qtcreator).

 If you look into the directory HOST-QT-CREATOR-2.2.1 when it is
crashing, is there a Makefile in there ?
Nope! There is no makefile there!
This is normal because Buildroot didn't find qmake to build Qt Makefiles.
So now, as it is installed in your PC, you can try to recompile QtCreator again with Buildroot:
make host-qtcreator-dirclean


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