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New code only for review

In subdirectory arm-ada-v2 I've upload preview of new code only for review purposes. Don't expect it to work or even compile. README inside.

Posted by Robert Kłeczek 2014-02-04

Missed some files

Sorry, I missed some RTS files updating SVN, they are added now.

Posted by Robert Kłeczek 2011-11-10

New version of ARM-Ada (now Alpha)

Next major release. Now becomes Alpha. Still LPC21XX only support (but from now I hope easili extending). New timing schema (as for newer LEON port) so we have much better timing resolution (tested from 100nS to 2 uS on 60MHz LPC2148) - only using one timer for clock & alarm on PC21XX!!! (change Tick constant in for time resolution). Now idle loops turns processor into power down mode leading to less energy consumption. Included Timing_Events (@library level), Execution_Time, Execution_Time.Timers, Execution_Time.Budget support
Removed all assembler files - ASM inserts in RTS ADA code - possibly as little as needed. All hardware dependent parts of RTS excluded to new System.BB.Architecture.* child packages,
and then System.BB.Architecture.* packages moved to VENDOR/MCU subtree so new ports to other CPU could be easili written. Cleanup rest of RTS, so Ada packages depends on main System tree, System on System.BB tree & so on. And many more little changes. Sorry, for now no ARM library changing - this is for future. For next release I also plan STM32 support, conditional compilation to remove unwanted parts of RTS (eg. timing support) to reduce code size, and of course extending number of LPC MCU's support.

Posted by Robert Kłeczek 2011-11-09